Junior Team Rotation Policy

Our commitment

We believe that football (soccer) should be safe, enjoyable, and inclusive and maximise individual participation. Essendon Royals acknowledges that positive experiences in junior competition will contribute to children developing a lifelong love of football. Players selected in teams also have privileges and obligations that come with membership and deserve to participate equally alongside their requirement to adhere to team participation rules.

What we will do

  • Emphasise to coaches and parents that junior sport is about participation and development and players need equal opportunities regardless of team results.

  • Try to match junior players with others of their own ability (like players in A-graded teams, B-graded teams and C-graded or lower.)

  • Provide junior players with a broad range of experiences (e.g. participating in different positions) and opportunities to grow their skills and game awareness.

  • For U7-U16, provide equal playing time for all Mini-Roos & Juniors who attend training and respect the team rules set by club and coaches. The club understands that families and children have other commitments outside of football or suffer illness or injury during the season and these should be duly considered for equal playing time. Players should always respect the coach and notify the coach of absences from training or games as soon as they are able.

What we ask you to do


  • Focus on promoting participation, not winning and losing from ages up to U16.

  • Ensure all team members have the chance to play, rotate through positions and receive equal playing time.

  • If you coach your own children, treat them like all other team members (e.g. rotations, playing time or participation).

  • Plan your games to enable the right balance between player development and team performance.


  • Help out the coach where possible at training and games.

  • Focus on your child’s effort and performance, not the score.

  • Encourage your child and other team members.

  • Respect the selection decisions of the coach.

  • Help you child adhere to club rules such as contacting the coach when your child is unable to attend training or is unavailable for games with as much notice as possible. Coaches and team managers require time to plan and prepare for games and training and your assistance with this is essential to a great footballing experience for your children.


  • Remember that coaches at Essendon Royals will reward effort and attitude over skill and performance.

  • If you cannot attend training or a game ask your parents to tell the team manager or coach.

  • At training have fun but make sure you help the coach and other players focus on the training session and getting the most out of your training sessions.

  • At games respect the coach and other participants on the day, your sporting attitude on game day reflects on you, your family and the club.

  • Do as the coach asks in training and at games even if it means you don’t play where you always wish to play.