SEASON 2020 | Davey Van't Schip commits to Essendon Royals


Davey Van’t Schip has become the first player to sign on for the Essendon Royals SC senior men’s team for Season 2020 after committing his immediate playing future to the club.

The Dutchman has proven himself a quality addition to the first-team squad since arriving in June and said he was always looking to find a new long-term home when looking for a club during last season’s mid-year transfer window.

“I spoke to a few clubs before I signed after leaving Pascoe Vale, but Essendon always gave me the right feeling,” he said.

“It’s close to home for me, I know a few of the people on the board and committee and after a chat with [Head of Football] Vaughan [Coveny], I was excited about the football side of things.

“The whole picture was good and I was excited to come here.

“I never came here thinking I’d just stay for half a season and go back to the NPL.”

Van’t Schip has only been at the club for a short time but said the club’s recent move from Ormond Park to Cross Keys Reserve was a sure-fire indication that the Royals are a club on the rise.

“It’s an exciting project here,” he said.

“It’s a great facility, with great lights and the pavilion with people watching the games from the balcony upstairs.

“It’s great for the whole club, not just the first team.

“With the juniors in the NPL next season, it’s a very exciting time for the club.”


Staying at Royals ensures Van’t Schip will once again link up with senior coach Vitale Ferrante, who he enjoyed a long association with at their previous club, Pascoe Vale.

“Vitale becoming head coach and having worked with him for the past seven years was a big factor in staying,” he said.

“To hear him talk about how excited he is to be here and what he wants to create at Essendon and the culture and squad he wants to build to fight for promotion is certainly exciting for me.”

Van’t Schip said he was enjoying playing in State League 1, which he said was closer to NPL standard than most people might think.

“It’s fairly similar in that you’ve got some good players in every team,” he said.

“If anything, the pace is maybe a bit slower, but in terms of training intensity it’s just as high as what I was used to and the boys have been good at training, so it’s been good.

“I think there are some really good individuals in the league and every game has its challenge.”