SEASON 2020 | Essendon Royals announce Juan Toro as Strength and Conditioning Coach


Essendon Royals is delighted to wrap up its Season 2020 Senior Men’s coaching appointments with the announcement of Juan Toro as the club’s new Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Toro joins the Royals from Moreland United and forms the final piece of the puzzle for the Royals senior coaching set-up in 2020, joining senior coach Vitale Ferrante and senior assistant coach Carl Recchia.

As one of Essendon’s finest personal trainers, Toro brings a unique combination of strength and conditioning expertise and top-level football experience as a former National Soccer League player with Heidelberg United.

Like Ferrante, Toro has a history with the Royals, having played for the club in the days it was known as Essendon-Brunswick Royals.

Toro has worked with both Ferrante and Recchia during his time at Pascoe Vale FC, though he has more recently worked with Moreland United.

“It’s good to work with people you know because you understand what they are about and the passion they have,” he said.

“We’ve all been involved in higher leagues and we’re not just coming to a club to come in and go week-to-week. Like the others, I’m a winner. 

“Vitale knows that from playing with me and against me and working with me. I have that experience as a player as well, so I hope I can bring something for the players to learn from as well.”


Toro’s main mandate, however, will be to ensure the physical health and fitness of the first-team not just through training but through a holistic educational experience as well.

“At this level, the players aren’t full-time professionals, so they need to know how to look after themselves not just when they’re here at training but at home as well,” Toro said.

“They need to look after themselves like they’re full-time players and a lot of that is what they do when they’re at home on their own.

“That’s what I’m trying to bring to the club. At the end of the day, it’s hard to make football a full-time career, but if we can get this to that extra 10 per cent level where you give it that bit more, I believe we and the players can take it to a very good level.”

Juan Toro is available to all Essendon Royals members at Endurance Health & Fitness on Buckley St, Essendon.

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